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The Shelby County Law Library was created in 1970 when the Tennessee State Legislature enacted Chapter 275 of the Shelby County Private Acts. This act calls for a County Governmental Library to be set up for the use of the courts, judges, attorneys and the general public. The Shelby County Governmental Library Commission was tasked with the establishment, maintenance and operation of the facility. Materials are acquired for the express purpose of "research or use in the preparation, trial or decisions of any matter that comes or may come before the courts of said County and State, or of use by said Public Officials or the public, on questions of law or government." 

Located on the third floor of the Shelby County Courthouse in Room 334, the Law Library consists of two levels of volumes, study and work areas areas, the elegant Andrew O. Holmes Reading Room and computer access with high-speed Internet, WiFi, Westlaw, and Lexis.


Operating Hours and Contact Information 

The library is open to everyone Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Licensed attorneys may access the library after  normal business hours and on weekends by calling Homeland Security at 379-7637.


Gary Johnson, Law Library Adminstrator 

140 Adams Avenue, Room 334 

Memphis, TN 38103


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