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The Shelby County Law Library was created in 1970 when the Tennessee State Legislature enacted Chapter 275 of the Shelby County Private Acts. This act calls for a County Governmental Library to be set up for the use of the courts, judges, attorneys and the general public. The Shelby County Governmental Library Commission was tasked with the establishment, maintenance and operation of the facility. Materials are acquired for the express purpose of “research or use in the preparation, trial or decisions of any matter that comes or may come before the courts of said County and State, or of use by said Public Officials or the public, on questions of law or government.”

Located on the third floor of the Shelby County Courthouse in Room 334, the Law Library consists of two levels of volumes, study and work areas areas, the elegant Andrew O. Holmes Reading Room and computer access with high-speed Internet, WiFi, Westlaw, and Lexis.

Library Resources

Books & Periodicals

The Library boasts a large collection of primary resources, including the Southeastern, Southewestern, Northeastern, Northwestern, California, Atlantic, Pacific, Southern, Federal, and Supreme Court Reporters. Additionally, we have a collection of Federal Practice and Procedure Digests, Federal Rules Decisions, along with Tennessee Code Annotated, and Tennessee Practice and Procedure.

Our secondary sources encompass many legal areas including, Bankruptcy, Workers’ Compensation, Family Law, Contracts, Entertainment Law to name a few. If you are looking for a specific source, please call our office, or you can search our collection on this website.

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Web & Internet Resources

Patrons of the Library are welcome to perform legal research via general internet searches, or they can take advantage of the Library’s WestlawTM, and LexisNexisTM subscriptions, where available. Additional Tennessee resources can be found in our links section, including the Administrative Office of the Courts, and the Shelby County General Sessions Court’s website.

Computer Peripherals

Along with all of our print resources, the Library has a number of computers that can be used for research, drafting, and e-filing. All of our computers are connected to black and white or color printers, and patrons have access to high capacity copy machines, scanners, and a fax machine. Additionally, the Library has a high-speed wireless public network for patrons to use their own machines on.

About the Library

Location & Hours

The Shelby County Law Library is located on the third floor of the Shelby County Civil Courthouse, at 140 Adams Ave., Memphis, TN 38103. Access is free and open to the public during normal Courthouse business hours.

Saturday & Sunday:


Monday — Friday:

8:00am to 4:30pm

Licensed attorneys who need access either after-hours or on the weekend can contact the Department of Homeland Security at (901) 379-7637 to schedule a visit.

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You can call us during business hours at: (901) 527-7041, or you can email us using the form below.